A safe place to scroll…

How often do you think about what you’re doing when you are mindlessly scrolling? If you’ve enjoyed a netflix n’ chill recently you may have come across The Social Dilemma doc. In the documentary Tristan Harris explains the various harms committed by most of the popular social media apps. While the apps race for our attention we are becoming addicted to engaging with them.

I’m not okay with that.

But hey sometimes we all need a break. Instead of doom-scrolling a death-metal playlist curated just for you of your little likes and especially your dislikes(more engaging)…what if you could just go look at cats? You didn’t even have to log in…and you didn’t have to make a profile?

You didn’t have to be advertised to.

You could…just…look at cats! A dream come true for most I’m sure.

Enter OnlyMemes.

OnlyMemes is a social media parody site. It’s a place to scroll with humorous media or text found about the internet just waiting for you to use, when you want to.

Because you want to, not because you have to.

I made OnlyMemes with my partners in lolz: Sean Taylor & Lance Burklin. Our love of humor and our desire to spread te-he’s ignited us to build OnlyMemes to serve as a self-sufficient web application that effectively utilized the technologies that we have learned in our foundation year at Holberton School.

This project was created over a period of about 6 weeks. The first three weeks were for research and proposal approval. We then had two weeks to complete our MVP. After the MVP we had one week to wrap up our landing page and presentation.

OnlyMemes is comprised of 3 main components thus we distributed the work as follows:

Sean Taylor — Automation and database engineer.

Lance Burklin — Our full-stack engineer and API wizard.

& then there’s me...Tahlia Roper — Creative Director and front-end designer.

I made the logos in Adobe photoshop and designed the whole site from scratch. The logo is inspired by another social media application but I’ll let you guess which one. I carried out my vision in HTML and CSS. The site was designed to be simple and clean, easy to use. Making this application look great on the mobile was also one of my highest priorities.

This project was created for people who just need a laugh. Don’t believe me? Check out my user stories:

As a social media user I need a place to scroll that is comedic.
As a person on the internet I need to laugh.
As a stressed human I need an emergency mental break.
As a person who wants to forget this day I need memes to take me away.

People need to laugh. Laughing is this amazing medicine that we have the opportunity to create for ourselves, everyday.

We made OnlyMemes to be this curated safe space of humor.

Over laughs one day as the portfolio project was in view Lance and I were discussing how we wanted to do something funny to round out this year at Holberton. We agreed to partner up months in advance knowing that we shared a purpose, making people laugh. We soon roped Sean into our whirlwind of comedy after finding out that he wanted to make OnlyPanda’s. We combined forces to bring the lols to the scene. We are not the first, but hopefully we will not be the last.

Our architecture diagram:

The technologies that we used were all technologies that we had recently learned. These technologies include: JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, Flask, Jquery, MariaDB, and sqlalchemy. We choose to work this way in order to cement our learnings deep into our brains. We used MariaDB for our database because it offers more and better storage engines. Our OM API is written in python and served through the Flask application to make the database as accessible as possible. I personally really enjoyed my extended play with CSS and all the fun parts of flex-boxes. I had divs on divs like you would not believe.

One of our favorite features of OnlyMemes is that all the posts are automatically made through using a bash script to send get requests to various meme and joke API’s.

My personal favorite feature is the mobile view. We are on the pocket robots all the time, it needs to be pleasing to the eye!

If I were to really try to write out 200 words on our most technical challenge that occured, I’d be a liar. We worked well together, and the technologies seemed to work in our favor, I’m grateful for that. Of course some div’s just don’t align so I had a few hiccups with the CSS but nothing to write home over.

I’ve learned a ton from this project. I really enjoyed working on a project with the sole purpose of making other people laugh. This project was a great way to end the year. I could see it being beneficial to have researched the API’s that we chose to use a little bit more prior to starting the project. The internet is endless so you just assume that what you need will be there waiting for you. Sometimes what you want is complicated and ends up being a bad Chuck Norris API. Prior to this project I was not sure about how I felt about CSS and front-end design. Our foundation year at Holberton is slim on front-end design. This project really gave me something that I can say I enjoy, designing. I also really enjoy copywriting but only at my leisure and mostly only for laughs.

Now I will add a short paragraph about myself.

My name is Tahlia Roper. I’m an artist, comedian, and I like to tip my toes in the technological water. More than anything I like to have fun and spread laughter. Please check out these links I am providing -

I like to dance and make things, student at Holberton School.